Master Newborn Photography


Master Newborn Photography


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7 Posing Videos:

  • Potato sack

  • Potato Sack in Prop (criss cross wrap)

  • Wrapped (side lit)

  • Wrapped (back lit)

  • Forward facing in bucket

  • Forward facing on beanbag

  • Awake (headshot)

11 Informative Videos

  • Creating the perfect studio environment.

  • Prepping your clients.

  • Emily’s go to equipment.

  • Emily’s go to camera settings.

  • Setting up the beanbag.

  • Stuffing props.

  • Emily’s go to wrap types.

  • Emily’s tips on styling setups.

  • Emily’s go to flokatis, stuffers and layers.

  • Emily’s wood floor and go to prop shapes and sizes.

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Whether you are a total beginner or already run a photography studio and are looking for a little inspiration these videos are for YOU!

18 videos of newborn photography basic information & Emily’s favourite 7 pose flow for a fussy baby OR a happy baby.

View in the comfort of your own home!

The 7 photos in the second image are the actual photos from the babies photographed in the videos.

A google drive link will be sent in a confirmation email straight after you purchase. You can then access, view & save the videos .

Make sure you save this link in your phone OR to your computer so you can access the videos. The link will be deleted from the email within 24hours of purchasing the videos.

Once purchased & downloaded absolutely NO refunds can be made

Not available to anyone who lives within an 80km radius of postcode 2747